My name is Toni Zuper, and I’ve spent the past 25 years exploring methods which promote personal dynamism, unconventional study, and self reliance regarding my own best health. The treatments, consultations, and instruction I offer originate from a deep need to empower myself as becoming my own “go to resource” for wellness. In 1989 I began a career as a shiatsu masseuse. Today many additional modalities are now available to serve you in my professional practice, Alternative Healing.

Alternative Healing is a source for options in personal treatments, consultations, special programs, and tutorials. This website is designed to assist your search for support and advocacy in attaining your optimum health of mind, body and spirit. It is also designed to be a resource for group instruction, therapeutic recreation, and spiritual centering.


Enjoy Maintaining Health

Choose bodywork, breath-work, yoga instruction, or lifestyle consultation.

Enlist Support During Recovery

Enlist Support while Recovering from Disease or Energetic Distortion, and supplement traditional medicine with nurturing treatments and revitalizing home practices.

Attend Workshops and Yoga Classes

Attend Workshops or Yoga Classes Designed to Address Your Needs. Please Check the Alternative Healing schedule for instruction with special programs & therapeutic yoga classes.

Explore Life Through a Larger Lens

Learn personal archetypes and unconscious tendencies through psychological astrology.

Schedule a Special Class For Your Community

Programs are tailor made to fit the time, content, and budget requirements of your group.
On-site instruction is available with options for single events or ongoing classes.
Consult the Program Link for a broad list of topics ranging from herbal remedies to art workshops.

Contract a Training Program for Your Staff

Options include exercise, dietary practices, art mediums/modalities, meditation, and creative writing.