Toni Zuper, owner/practitioner of Alternative Healing in Philadelphia, has been a professional in healing arts for 17 years. Beginning in 1987 as a Shiatsu therapist, subsequent modalities have included Reiki, yoga, breathwork and astrology. Toni is an intuitive who strives to translate the impressions of physical & emotional distress into conscious tools for growth & personal recovery. Respecting vibration as the key to homeostasis (healthy balance), Toni draws from many cultural philosophies to shift stagnant & unconscious patterns into a rebirth of empowering possibilities.

Toni’s personal practice includes daily chanting & asana practice. Her creative projects have included dance, sculpture, painting and writing. She currently works in personal treatments, consultations, workshops and group classes.


  • Bachelor of Science in Communications, West Chester University 1980
  • Advanced Shiatsu Certificate, Ohashi Institute, 1989
  • Reiki Master’s Certificate, Traditional Usui Lineage 1999
  • Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga on Main/Manyunk 2000
  • Yoga Teacher Certification, Wake Up Yoga/Fairmount 2003

Creative Work Experience

Freelancing art designs for restaurant menus, personalized stained glass and sculptural ceramics; 1980 through 2001.
Developing and Directing “Camp Daydreamer” for Haverford Township; 1988 – 1989.
Teaching Enrichment Classes in Bodywork, Crafts, Music, Drama & Dance for Recreational Programs in Montgomery, Delaware & Philadelphia Counties; 1980 to the present.
Creating & Facilitating on-site corporate programs in stress relief techniques, Yoga and Meditation; 2002 – present.
Writing stories, articles and lyrics for publication, live performance and personal evolution; “birth” through present.