This is a wonderful tool for exploring the true gifts, challenges, and innate potential of your cosmic blueprint – otherwise know as your life.
Astrology has often been associated with fortune telling, psychic prediction, and mystic chicanery; however, at its best, astrology also offers a symbolic and impersonal portrait of our archetypal qualities.

I often compare one’s first natal reading to learning the contents of a well-stocked pantry. When you’re born, there are ten predominate food groups in the cupboard. If you don’t know what they are or how to work with them, they either lay dormant or spoil. You may feel that preparing food leaves you uninspired, or you may find yourself eating the same thing over & over. On the other hand, If you learn what’s stocked in your pantry, you can learn how to prepare, cook, and share wonderful creations. In other words, the better you understand yourself, the richer, more interesting, and more rewarding your life will be.

A natal reading will reveal many characteristics that feel familiar. It will also bring to light qualities that are less consciously experienced. These are known as shadow traits. The shadow qualities often express themselves through sabotage or projection. As shadow tendencies are revealed, they are less likely to create unnecessary challenge and setbacks. Understanding the parts that make up your diverse identity enables increased ability to benefit from your unique expression of body, mind, inspiration, and emotional nature.

Followup sessions track the movement of planets as they affect your natal placements. These effects are called transits. Each transit offers opportunity to grow, explore, and refine life skills. Transitions, whether enjoyable or difficult, are analyzed with respect to energy, duration, and personal intention.

Regular sessions may be pursued as a type of symbolic therapy. Repeating patterns, personal confusion, or relational struggles are often healed when the source of the experience is discovered.

Finally, it’s fun to know yourself better! This is a wonderful gift to yourself or to someone you care about. We’re complex creatures, and we’re greatly empowered by increased self awareness.

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