Conscious Breathwork

Tribal healers know the powerful healing potential of ritualized, conscious breathing. This practice is a synthesis of indigenous practice, rebirthing, and musically entrained, breath technique. I often integrate breathwork with Shiatsu and/or Reiki; in addition to releasing tension, the hands-on touch perpetuates an inner realization of therapeutic support.

This healing practice requires a person’s willingness to breath past the desire to stop. Quite often forgotten fears, sensations, and unconscious beliefs will surface. Although this seems to open one to negative expression, the process simply reveals what is genuinely remembered by the somatic experience, by the body’s memory. The healing is catalyzed by the transformation of revisited trauma into psychic cleansing and conscious choice. In other words, one learns that personal limits are perceived rather than actual. Once that understanding is found, problematic patterns can shift into healthy, functional options.

A session lasts two hours. A participant agrees to breath for one hour continuously. There is a gentle inception of therapeutic touch as the body relaxes as prepares for the breathing cycle. A follow-up period is included for transition, discussion, and closure.

This technique is recommended for anyone who suffers from chronic and/or phantom pain, irrational fears, or dampened vitality.

Benefits of Conscious Breathwork
- relieves the pain and injuries of trauma

- liberates natural healing response

- eliminates negative coping mechanisms

- restores a feeling of lightness and free will

Virtually Anyone Can Benefit from Conscious Breathwork
- those experiencing emotional and/or creative blocks

- anyone wishing to enhance their sensitivity

- trauma victims ready to move through pain to healing

- addictive personalities ready to move through compulsion to peace, joy

- survivors needing release from guilt or grief

- sports and business competitors seeking focus, concentration, energy

Toni Zuper has explored the power of breathwork through study with indigenous healers (every primitive culture has a system of healing with breath), personal work with private and group rebirthing, HolotropicTM breath techniques, her study of dance, yoga, Shiatsu and Reiki, as well as her personal practice.

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