Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga, a complete lifestyle and path for growth, synchronizes breath and movement to unify the mind and body. As the practice and knowledge of yoga deepens, students find ways to open and balance their mind/body awareness and relieve stress. Group classes, private tutorials and specialized workshops provide flexible, customized instruction suitable for all ages and levels.

Benefits of Yoga
- enhances physical vitality and overall wellness
- dissolves real and perceived limitations
- expands well being
- simplifies the body/mind connection
- invites joy

Who Can Benefit from Yoga?
Anyone who seeks greater
Consciousness – connecting the inner world and the physical body
Physical vitality – toning or rehabilitating the body
Well Being – developing inner peace, the ability to be in the moment

Toni Zuper is a Certified Yoga Instructor and has taught yoga to children, people of restricted movement, and dancers. Her yoga practice and her experience as a dancer and bodyworker enableher to use yoga to benefit the specific needs of clients. She holds a Yoga Teacher Certificate from Yoga on Main, in Manayunk, PA.

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