This is a vibrational healing technique which is non-manipulative, gentle, and safe for all problematic conditions. It is also wonderfully applicable for enhancing personal well-being, revitalizing energy, and promoting centered awareness.

Reiki is an ancient process of laying hands while integrating sacred symbols for universal healing. The practice, the symbols, and its lineage are accredited to Master Usui in his legendary quest of fusing spiritual development with healing intentions. Many renditions of the Usui story have been perpetuated throughout the world. All respect Usui’s reverence for devotional practice as well as his personal discipline in acquiring mystic access to the ancient symbols.

Reiki may be practiced by anyone who an undergone an initiatory training. Such training is highly encouraged for all those seeking to recover from chronic ailments and life-threatening diseases. Self application may be practiced frequently and immediately when one has received a Level I training.

There are successive levels of initiatory training which intensify and broaden the range of healing techniques. These include a magnification of the channelled energy as well as the capacity to send distance healing (Level II). A final initiation reveals and teaches the intricate, energetic work of initiating new Reiki practitioners (Level III, Master Training).

All treatments and training programs at Alternative Healing honor the Traditional Usui Symbols.

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